• Jennifer D. Snow

    Jennifer D. Snow

    Sonoma State University BA in English. Emerson College MFA student. Aspiring "People Helper" and lover of language. Personal Legend seeker.

  • Kathleen McGillick

    Kathleen McGillick

  • Daniel Matlock

    Daniel Matlock

    Apprenticed writer. Reader. Fantasist. In love with the imagination. And working on my novels and short stories daily.

  • Matt Powell

    Matt Powell

    Dad, husband, product marketer by day, wannabe-foodie by night

  • Sunidhi Pandey

    Sunidhi Pandey

    If it makes you happy it doesn't have to make anybody else happy ✌️.

  • Russ Twentythree

    Russ Twentythree

  • S.H.


  • William Ballard, MBA

    William Ballard, MBA

    Freelance Writer, Author, and Content Marketing Strategist — Access “The Ultimate Book Marketing Plan for Self-Published Authors” https://bit.ly/3A2h52i

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